IEEE International Conference on Communications
28 May – 01 June 2023 // Rome, Italy
Sustainable Communications for Renaissance


- WS02-S1 Keynote 1 and Paper Session
* [Keynote Prof. Houbing Herbert Song, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA, 08.30 - 09.00 AM.]

* Paper Session:May 28, 2023 09:00 CEST - May 28, 2023 11:00 CEST

  • Deep Learning for Probabilistic Interference Predictions in mmWave Networks  
    • Authors: Mohamed Marzban; Wooseok Nam; Tao Luo; Arumugam Kannan; Taesang Yoo      
  • Environment Semantic Aided Communication: A Real World Demonstration for Beam Prediction   
    • Authors: Shoaib Imran; Gouranga Charan; Ahmed Alkhateeb       
  •  Beam Management Driven by Radio Environment Maps in O-RAN Architecture
    • Authors: Marcin Dominik Hoffmann; Pawel Kryszkiewicz        
  • AMP-SBL Unfolding for Wideband MmWave Massive MIMO Channel Estimation   
    • Authors: Jiabao Gao; Caijun Zhong; Geoffrey Ye Li  
  •  Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Joint Downlink Beamforming and RIS Configuration in RIS-aided MU-MISO Systems Under Hardware Impairments and Imperfect CSI  
    • Authors: Baturay Saglam; Doğa Gürgünoğlu; Suleyman Serdar Kozat     
  • A Novel Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning-enabled Distributed Power Allocation Scheme for mmWave Cellular Networks 
    • Authors: Xiang Zhang; Arupjyoti (Arup) Bhuyan; Sneha Kumar Kasera; Mingyue Ji       
  •  Cascaded binary classifiers for blind Beam Alignment in mmWave MIMO using one-bit quantization
    •  Authors: Aymen Ktari; Hadi Ghauch; Ghaya Rekaya      

- WS02-S2: Paper Session

   May 28, 2023 11:30 CEST  - May 28, 2023 13:00 CEST

  • Dual-Step Transfer Learning-Based Prediction Model for Next-Generation Intelligent Cellular Networks  

    • Authors: Waqar Aziz; Iacovos Ioannou; Marios Lestas; Vasos Vassiliou      1

  • 3D Ray Reconstruction Method Based on Adaptive Conditional Variational Autoencoders 

    • Authors: Panpan Shi; Kai Li; Jun Yang; Yang Yang; Jinning Su; Jinhan Guo     

  • Reinforcement Learning-Based Fountain Codes for Latency-Sensitive Transmission    
    • Authors: S. M. Mahdi Shahabi; Yirun Zhang; Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei    
  •  Graph Neural Networks for Power Allocation in Wireless Networks with Full Duplex Nodes
    • Authors: Lili Chen; Jingge Zhu; Jamie S Evans    
  • Machine Learning-Assisted Codebook Design for MMSE Channel Estimation   
    • Authors: Xiaowen Tian; Yeqing Hu; Yang Li; Tiexing Wang; Jianzhong Zhang    

- WS02-S3: Paper Session

   May 28, 2023 14:30 CEST  - May 28, 2023 16:00 CEST

  • Fairness-based Data Rate Control For Channel Congestion Mitigation in Vehicular Communications
    • Authors: Lan-Huong Nguyen; Van-Linh Nguyen; Jian-Jhih Kuo
  • Actor-Critic Based Back-off Algorithm for Massive Machine-Type Communication 
    • Authors: Xin Gao; Zhihong Qian; Mingtong Xie; Xue Wang
  • RNN-based Robust Smartphone Indoor Localization on Ultra-wideband DL-TDOA
    • Authors: Sagnik Bhattacharya; Junyoung Choi         
  • B-DT: A Bagged-Decision Tree Detection and Characterization of the IoT-SCADA Network Communication Traffic    
    • Authors: Love Allen Ahakonye; Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma; Jae Min Lee; Dong Seong Kim    
  • Comparative Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting GPS Spoofing Attacks on Mission Critical Military IoT Devices
    • Authors: Hassan El Alami; Kendal Hall; Danda B. Rawat  

- WS02-S4: Paper Session

   May 28, 2023 16:30 CEST - May 28, 2023 18:36 CEST

  • Uninterrupted Machine Learning Predictions for Network Control Loops  
    • Authors: Andrea Francini; Dan Scarafoni; Edward Grinshpun 
  • Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation with Periodic Traffic Patterns    
    • Authors: Zheyu Chen; Kin K. Leung; Shiqiang Wang; Leandros Tassiulas; Kevin S Chan; Patrick Baker
  • TraceNet: Operation Aware Root Cause Localization of Microservice System Anomalies 
    • Authors: Jingjing Yang; Yuchun Guo; Yishuai Chen; Yongxiang Zhao 
  • Cache Policy Design via Reinforcement Learning for Cellular Networks in Non-Stationary Environment    
    • Authors: Ashvin Srinivasan; Mohsen Amidzadeh; Junshan (Joshua) Zhang; Olav Tirkkonen  
  • Joint Communication and Learning Design of Differential Privacy for Federated Learning over Multi-cell Networks    
    • Authors: Licheng Lin; Zhouxiang Zhao; Zhaohui Yang; Zhaoyang Zhang
  • Reinforcement Learning-enabled Auctions for Self-Healing in Service Function Chaining    
    • Authors: Marios Avgeris; Aris Leivadeas; Ioannis Lambadaris  
  • Online Bipartite Matching for HAP Access in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks using Graph Neural Network-Enhanced Reinforcement Learning
    • Authors: Yuejiao Xie; Guanchong Niu; Man-On Pun; Zhu Han    


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