IEEE International Conference on Communications
28 May – 01 June 2023 // Rome, Italy
Sustainable Communications for Renaissance

Tutorial Presenter Guidelines

In order to ensure that your tutorial session works smoothly, please carefully review the following instructions:

  1. Know the time and location of your session. Make sure you know how to get to the meeting room where your session is held.
  2. Arrive to the room 15 minutes before the start of the session and introduce yourself to the student volunteer(s), who will assist you during the session.
  3. A laptop, projector, and screen will be available in the session room. You may use your own laptop. The laptop will be installed with the latest version of Microsoft Powerpoint and Office, and Acrobat DC Reader.
  4. As a backup, please create your presentation using MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF formats and save it onto a USB drive. Please remember to embed all fonts in your file.
  5. Please stay within the timeslot allocated for your tutorial.
  6. To avoid any compatibility problems, please read carefully the instructions below:
    1. Powerpoint Instructions:
  • Prepare your presentation using the PPT/PPTX or Adobe PDF formats.
  • It is best if all videos or animations in the presentation run automatically.
    1. Pictures/Videos:
  • We cannot provide support for embedded videos in your presentation if they are  played from the on-site laptop. Please test your presentation with the on-site laptop and ensure that it works accordingly prior to the session.
    1. Fonts:
  • Only fonts that are included in the basic installation of MS-Windows will be available. Use of other fonts not included in Windows may cause wrong layout/style of your presentation.


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